10-Song EP in 4-5 Hours: Ninja Talks About His EP With Great Sidhu Moosewala

Ninja, in one of his recent interviews, talked about what was probably the last meeting of him with the one and only Sidhu Moosewala. Ninja opened up about how they met and how they made a 10-song EP in just a few hours.

Ninja told the interviewer that he was in Mohali when he met Sidhu Moosewala. They both greeted each other and the very next thing Sidhu told him was that they should do something together. The two then went to a studio at around 9 pm. Ninja said that they had already made a 10-song album by 1:30 am. 

The singer also added that whenever he listens to that album, he always gets emotional. “Everything is not business”, said Ninja. Interestingly, Sidhu Moosewala’s first ever professional work was his song ‘License’ with Ninja. The lyrics were written by Sidhu Moosewala and the song was sung by Ninja.

Ninja also said that the most beautiful thing about their meeting was that they both met with the same energy, same feeling that they did years ago during the making of License. The songs got ready the same way License was made.

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The singer, however, did not reveal if he had any plans to release the album soon. Sidhu Moosewala’s songs are dear to each one of his fans. It is the only thing left as a part of the legacy of the great artist.

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