Have You Ever Seen Nipples Singing? This Breast Cancer Ad Showed & Bypassed Ban Policy

It is quite ironic that in this day and age when women’s bodies are so sexualised in the media and nudity has become commonplace in pop culture, there are still strange censorship laws that can prevent women from accessing vital information regarding their health. 

And do you know that major social media platforms have the policy to take down images and videos that show a woman’s nipples if they are spreading information regarding breast cancer. 

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer, with one in seven women expected to develop the disease during their lifetime. 

From Facebook to social media, this hypocrisy runs on breasts. But what if someone has to give information about breast cancer? How can you make women aware of breast cancer without showing breasts or nipples?

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So, to shed some light on this major issue, an ad agency from Argentina has come out with a beautiful solution. It will surely win your heart. 

The campaign by Argentina’s MACMA and David aims to bypass Censors by replacing nipples. The ad which is called ‘Everybody Loves Boobs’ showed breasts openly and was not even banned. 

Read what this ad is about:

Instead of nipples on the breast, they removed it and made people’s faces on it. Now there is no Vulgarity in showing the face. It gets around the censorship issue by removing female nipples from female breasts—and replacing them with mouths, which sing the praises of breasts, as well as the dangers of not checking them regularly. Problem solved!

Around the world, about every 8th person has breast cancer and a large number of them are men. But due to such a ban, bringing awareness is a big issue.

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