No Lookin Back Review: Prem Dhillon Is Back With One Of The Best Projects Of The Year

Prem Dhillon is finally back on roll as he just dropped his EP ‘No Lookin Back’. It has a total of 5 songs, all of which have been sung by Prem Dhillon himself. Interestingly, it is also the first ever EP by the artist.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best EPs of the year so far. The tracks of the EP are OG, 26 Boulevard, Nah They Can’t, Never Again and Blackberry Sapp. The 5 songs make up Prem Dhillon’s first ever EP.

The song ‘OG’ is the only one to be released with its official music video by Rupan Bal and Dilpreet VFX. The music of the song is produced by San B and the song is an absolute banger. Prem Dhillon has one of the best voices in the Punjabi Music Industry and OG is an excellent track from the artist.

The other song that grabs your attention is Nah They Can’t. Two of the best music producers we have, Snappy and San B have produced the beat of the song. Prem has done an excellent job as far as lyrics are concerned in the EP. 

Never Again is a different track from the rest. While the other tracks are more about flex and gangsta sh*t, Never Again is about love, heartbreak and emotion. It adds the necessary versatility in the EP and prevents all the tracks from sounding the same. 

26 Boulevard again is a track that deserves unique attention. The composition, the lyrics and the music make it a banger! Blackberry Sap also has a very unique composition and the drill beat makes it standout.

Overall, there is not a single track in the whole EP that can be considered a low hit. All of them are absolute bangers. While it comes down to personal opinion if you like a track or not we are sure you will definitely like 1 or 2 tracks from the EP! This is a direct entry into your party and car playlists.

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