No Response From Audience On Religious Songs, Don’t Blame Me: NseeB

Rapper NseeB recently came live to have an interaction with his fans through Instagram. The fans asked him various questions about the industry. One among the audience asked NseeB to make religious songs. The rapper replied to the fan’s question and it is a reply we’ll need to hear.

NseeB began by saying that he has already made a religious song but the audience did not listen to it. NseeB released his song ‘To The Warrior’ in collaboration with Tarsem Jassar, almost a month ago. It was a track talking about the history of Punjab and the bravest heroes who took birth on this divine soil. 

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NseeB said that there was no response from the audience on that song because people want to hear something else. He also added that when we provide people with the type of songs they want to hear, they start talking about culture and religion.

“Nobody supports it. You yourself do not want that kind of content at that level” said NseeB. On the other hand, he added that he should not be held responsible for this. He’s trying his level best to produce those songs because he doesn’t do them for money or fame, it is solely his conscience that makes him do such songs.

NseeB’s reply to the fan’s comment has since opened a space for discussion on what the audience says and how they actually react to it. We have seen the Punjabi Industry receiving criticism for producing violent songs promoting gun culture, gangster life etc. On the other hand, we’ve also heard replies, like that of NseeB’s, from people of the industry. They state that though people are always on the criticizing side, we receive no response on those kinds of tracks.

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