Does India Have Highways With No Speed Limit Like Germany’s Auto-Bahn?

There is always a speed limit on all the Indian roads you have traveled on. However in Germany, there are some roads which allow drivers and riders to enjoy unrestricted speed limits. The roads on which this is possible are called Auto-Bahn. Well, does India have any such road that offers unrestricted speed limits?

Sadly, the answer is no, India doesn’t have any roads that allow unrestricted speeds for the vehicles moving on any roads including any expressways or national highways.

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Not only India but no other country except Germany has roads with unrestricted speed limits. USA, Russia, Japan, Australia, or UK – none of these countries actually allow this kind of speeding. In all these countries the speed limits vary between 100 kmph to 130 kmph. Unfortunately, very few Indian roads have a speed limit of 100 kmph while almost every highway in India has a speed limit of only 80 kmph.

The reason behind such low speed limits in India is the quality of roads. However it’s not like India doesn’t have good roads. There are some really good roads in India where sustaining higher speeds of 130 kmph would indeed be possible only if people maintain discipline on these roads.

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But as of now, if you are a fast and furious lover and really want to experience unrestricted speeds then you will have to travel to the only country that allows it – Germany…

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