Nora Fatehi Opens Up About Why She Is Not Getting A Lead Role; Made Shocking Statement

Nora Fatehi has made her fans proud everytime she stepped on the dancing floor. The Canadian dancer has showcased her dancing talent in several bollywood songs like Saki Saki, Kamariya, Sip Sip 2.0, Milegi Milegi etc. 

Recently, Nora has opened up about the Bollywood industry and spilled some secrets about it. She said that the Bollywood industry is very choosy and it keeps on casting the same actresses again and again. 

In an interview with news18, as qouted by, Nora said “I don’t think because I dance is why they don’t want to cast me. Our main iconic heroines in Bollywood have been dancers who perform beautifully. And they excel in dance numbers, right? That was just a part of the package of being like an iconic heroine. I don’t think it was because of that. I think it was always, oh, I don’t know. It’s almost like let’s see who will take the chance on her [on me] and if she delivers in all the categories, meaning, the acting skills, the presence, the aura, the ability to express the language skill, then we’ll all jump on the opportunity. So I think it was who would have got the b**** to do it first, to take a chance on me first. I think that was what everyone was waiting for”.

She also added “Today the industry has become very competitive. Let’s be realistic. There are only a few films a year. And sometimes what happens with filmmakers is they don’t think outside of what’s in front of them. So if only four girls are doing films, and they’re going in rotation, and all four are getting projects nonstop, the filmmakers will only remember those four, they won’t think beyond that.”

With this jibe, Nora hinted that the filmmakers only want to cast the same actresses again and again. There are certain familiar faces that the directors cast and few of the actresses are dominating the industry. 

It is not like Nora is not getting a lead role because she is a dancer, but the reason is high competition. She believes that it is very important for her to break into this vicious circle of familiar actresses and prove her abilities to the industry.

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