Not Only The Fans, But These Brands Are Also Obsessed With AP Dhillon’s Excuses

The Internet left no stone unturned to amaze the audience with their creativity. After ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’ Meme, ‘Let’s Skip To The Good Part’ and many others’ videos grabbed eyeballs, another song has been making headlines.

It’s none other than AP Dhillon’s ‘Excuses’.

We all know that brands like Zomato’s, Swiggy, Indigo never miss a chance to entertain their users through their strong meme game. And when on one side the entire country is grooving to AP’s Song, these brands also used the opportunity to impress their fans. 

They used the song’s lyrics to make creative promotional hooks and the internet is going crazy after it. Take a look at some of the best tweets of various brands;

While brands had their fair share of fun with Zomato’s tweet, netizens could not stop themselves from giving in on the humor and coming up with hilarious replies of their own. Undeniably, some of them were really fun to read:

Meanwhile, not to be left behind, these brands’ witty one-liners always entertained everyone. And netizens too showed their aptitude and joined in on the meme wave to mark the bidding.

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Further, speaking of AP Dhillon, the singer is blowing the speakers with his songs. His songs like Brown Munde, Ma Balle, Toxic, EP- Hidden Gems and many others are on everyone’s playlist these days. From long drives to a house party, he has rocked every occasion. Dhillon has proved to be a true music sensation of Punjabi industry!

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