NseeB Was Unsure About His Rap In Old Skool As The Song Was Leaked Without The Rap Earlier

NseeB Was Unsure About His Rap In Old Skool As The Song Was Leaked Without The Rap Earlier

Whenever a list of biggest Punjabi hits of the modern times is prepared, Old Skool is a must mention. The track was the biggest hit of the year and brought Sidhu Moosewala, Prem Dhillon and NseeB on one single track. The song was earlier leaked with only Prem Dhillon and Sidhu Moosewala’s verse in it and was loved by the audience. Know how NseeB hopped on the track and what was his reaction.

Sidhu Moosewala himself sent the Old Skool beat to NseeB and asked him to write a rap on it. NseeB did as he was told and it was pure luck that his verse went on the track so well and complemented the beat perfectly. NseeB revealed that when Old Skool was renewed with his verse in it, he was unsure if people would actually like the updated version of the song.

The song had been leaked without NseeB’s verse and the audience had already loved it. This made NseeB questionable about his verse. But who knew that the song would turn out to be even a bigger hit with his verse. All the three parts by the artists make Old Skool a perfect track. 

It turned out to be a breakthrough track for NseeB and the rapper was introduced to a wider and a new type of Punjabi audience. His career rocketed after Old Skool, thus, the song he was unsure about actually turned out to be his life’s biggest track ever. He had something in him that insisted one of the biggest names in the industry, Sidhu Moosewala, to himself approach and ask him to be a part of the song.

The thing that we are unsure about, the steps we are afraid to take are probably the biggest steps of our lives and hold the power to change our lives forever. NseeB’s ‘naseeb’ changed after Old Skool and today we all recognize him as the Old-Skool-rapper. 

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