NSUI Leader’s Murder Case: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s Police Remand Extended By 4 Days

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, the alleged accused in the murder of renowned Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala, who was in the custody of Punjab police in Moose Wala case till July 28, has been sent to 4 days of police custody in Mukhtasar, Punjab. This 4-day custody is in the murder case of NSUI leader Ranjit Rana. 

Lawrence Bishnoi was produced before a court in Mukhtasar as his police custody was about to end, however, the court has extended his police remand for 4 days. NSUI leader Ranjit Rana, 37, was travelling to Aulakh Hamlet by a car in Mukhtasar, along with his pregnant wife in October 2020, where he was shot dead by 4 people, suspected of being linked to Lawrence Bishnoi gang.  

Lawrence Bishnoi’s father filed a petition in the Supreme Court on June 27, challenging the decisions made by the Delhi and Mansa courts handing custody of Bishnoi to the police. In the Mansa Court of Punjab. As per Bishnoi’s father, he was not represented by any lawyer as the bar had refused his lawyer to appear in court.

Earlier, in connection with the Rana Kandowalia murder case, Bihsnoi was sent to police custody in July by an Amritsar court. Bishnoi is thought to be the “chief conspirator” in the death of Kandowalia, who was shot dead at a private hospital in Amritsar last year. Lawrence even claimed an alleged threat to his life, accusing that the Punjab police may kill him in a fake encounter.

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