Who Is Nupur Alankar? The Actress Who Quits Showbiz, Takes Sanyas, Going To Himalayas

People are doing literally anything to establish their name in the entertainment industry but how about leaving an already established 27-years-long career for mental peace. Popular Indian television actress, Nupur Alankar is in headlines after announcing that she is quitting the entertainment industry. Reportedly, Nupur left the showbiz for Sanyas (renunciation of worldly pleasures). There are reports that suggest that Nupur is heading towards the Himalayas for her Sanyasi life, leaving behind her 27-years-long  prestigious career.

According to some reports, Nupur took Sanyas in February this year and now is heading to the Himalayas for good. Following Adhyatm for quite some time, Nupur said that her husband Alankar Srivastava has already ‘freed her’ from their marriage after she discussed her decision of taking Sanyas with him 

Calling her decision a ‘Big Step’, Nupur recently said that she has rented out her flat in Mumbai before leaving the city to fund her travel expenses to the pilgrimage sites across the nation. Nupur revealed that she is blessed to have found the right guru, Shambhu Sharan Jha during her time at CINTAA (Cine and TV Artistes Association).  The actress said, “It brought me contact with my guru and another master healer, which changed the course of my life.”

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Talking about people’s reaction to her decision of Sanyas, Nupur Said, “I don’t know why people think I am emotionally devastated and tired of life to take this decision.” She also revealed that it was the covid-19 lockdown which helped her to ‘become detached.’


When asked whether she will miss the showbiz and being in front of the camera, Nupur said, “I am done with all the pretence and falsity that we resort to on screen and off it.” She added, “After my mother passed away in December 2020, I realised that I didn’t fear losing anything anymore. I felt free from all expectations and duties. In fact, my sanyaas got delayed because my brother-in-law (Kaushal Agarwal) was stuck in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the country.”

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Nupur Alankar is a familiar name for the Indian daily soaps’ lovers. Nupur appeared in almost 157 Indian TV serials throughout her 27 years of long acting career. She was a part of popular TV shows like ‘Shaktimaan’, ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, ‘Tantra’, ‘Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan’, and many others. Not only in the TV industry but Nupur has also worked in Bollywood films like ‘Raja Di’, ‘Saawariya’ and ‘Sonali Cable.’

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