Odisha’s Capital Bhubaneswar Witnesses A Zero Shadow Day, Know The Reason Behind

You must have heard ‘Nature never forgets to do its duty’, but the scenes at Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar made a different statement on 21 May. The Sun did not cast shadow to any object on the day and the whole city witnessed a Zero Shadow Day. 

It is not some supernatural event, but a rare celestial phenomenon. The event takes place twice a year. We have all studied in school that the Earth’s rotation axis is inclined at 23.5 degrees to the plane of its revolution around the Sun and this phenomenon takes place twice a year for the places between +23.5 and -23.5 degrees latitudes. It took place in Bhubaneswar at about 11:43 am and continued for 3 minutes. 


In simpler terms, for two instances in a year, the Sun is directly overhead and the rays of the sun fall almost straight for the places between these latitudes on earth, which is why these places witness Zero Shadow Day and it appears as if some supernatural magic power has caused it.

Science is always intriguing and has an answer for everything. There are countless phenomena on earth that appear supernatural and unbelievable to the normal mind, but Science is always there for the rescue.

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