Oh! So This Is How Navjot Sidhu Convinced Kapil Sharma To Not To Join Politics!

The duo of Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Sidhu is still missed by the public on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The poetic couplets of Navjot Singh Sidhu attracted everyone’s attention, and entertained the audience in a different way.

And you’ll be glad to know that the behind-the-screen bond between Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Sidhu is as good as on-screen chemistry. From professional to person, Kapil and Sidhu shared talks on every matter. However, it is a matter of astonishment that Kapil and Sidhu kept politics away from their discussions for a long time. Right from ‘Laughter Challenge’ in 2013 till 2018, Kapil and Navjot Singh Sidhu never exchanged any political thought. At that time, Sidhu had left the BJP. People were talking about whether Sidhu will join AAP or Congress, or whether any third party will commence.

You will be amazed to know that Kapil never asked Sidhu about his political interests, and that is why Kapil and Sidhu shared many informal talks. Sidhu Knew that Kapil had no interest in politics. Also, whenever Kapil got invitations by several political parties to join them,Sidhu always told him that he belongs to everyone, and he should not join any party. Sidhu always advised Kapil to stay away from politics. 

While talking about politics and his bond with Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kapil said, “Whenever, some party offered me a seat, and that news made into headlines; Sidhu would always suggest me to stay far from politics. I share a personal bond with him. I respect him and even now, I miss him alot.Many people think that there might be some controversy behind Navjot Singh Sidhu leaving my show. But there is nothing like that. He left because the election campaign was going on and he is the national face of the party. There were back-to-back rallies. That is why he had to leave the show.”

Kapil staying non-political is always appreciated by his lovers and fans across the world. However, we still miss the fun and Charm of Navjot Singh Sidhu in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

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