Ohi Munde REVIEW: Parmish Verma’s Latest Track Teaches To Be Loyal And Grounded To The Roots

Aam Jahe Munde Hi Jo Khaas Bannde to Gaur Naal Dekh Assi Ohi Munde Aa, Parmish Verma just has ‘Motivation’ to deliver for his fans through his songs. The sequel to Aam Jahe Munde, Ohi Munde has been finally released and we are driven into it completely. 

Ohi Munde brings out some crystal clear realistic thoughts and feelings of Parmish. His commencement of career, life, maturity, realization and hardwork has all been put into the lyrics to make this song a must listen. Sharing his journey from ground zero and reaching cloud 9, he has finely depicted his struggle to success through this song. 

This is not the first time we are hearing this kind of track from the artist’s end but this is especially appreciable. It is considerable because of the facts he has mentioned in it. Individuals who live abroad face all the mentioned state of affairs on a day to day basis. 

Those who have crossed the face and found out the way to be in a life they dreamt of once, can totally relate to the song. And for those who are in the struggling face, they can have a motivational pump hearing Ohi Munde. 

Lyrics of Ohi Munde have prolifically written with music doing justice to it. Talking about the video, the music video of Aam Jahe Munde 2 has a special connection with Parmish’s career. Parmish Verma has shot this video in the same hotel where he worked in 2007, qualifying it as a special reason to make this song an exceptional one for the artist. 

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Ohi Munde is definitely a track that will fill you with enthusiasm and motivation with each line hitting hard on you. Listen to the official track here: 

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