Old Daily Wage Worker Turns Into A Model. The Transformation Is Unexpected & Must Watch

A very heartwarming and positive news has been surfacing all over the internet. As a story of transformation and makeover from Kerala is making everyone smile on social media.

A laborer named Mammikka, a native of Kodivalli, Vennakadu has become a hero, not just in his hometown but on social media too. He was the model of the latest photoshoot that has now become viral. Everyone was impressed by his spectacular makeover. Mammikka is receiving hundreds of comments praising his unique looks and his panache.

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Speaking of Mammikka, a 60-year-old man from Kozhikode used to be a daily wage labour, dressed in a faded lungi and shirt. But thanks to a photographer, he is now rocking the internet with his model-like appearance.


This post and pictures prove that social media has the power to change the lives of underprivileged and downtrodden people.

Further, from the news report of India Today, it was photographer Shareek Vayalil who spotted the talent for modelling in this daily wage worker. He had earlier posted a photo of Mammikka on his social media page which went viral for his apparent likeness to actor Vinayakan. Mammikka is now the new hero of Kodivalli, Vennakadu.

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