Old Videos Of Punjabi Singers Before They Got Famous, The Humble Beginnings!

To earn a special place in society, to be the standout from the rest of the world, only talent is not enough. It takes years of hard work and requires an unimaginable amount of patience for an artist to achieve success. Punjabi stars, who are a household name in Punjab today, were not always such huge celebrities. It took them years to transform into these successful artists that we see today on our TVs, social media, concerts and everywhere! It is said that ‘No matter how famous you become, never forget where you started from’. Let’s see the humble beginnings of everyone’s favorite Punjabi artists that are making the whole community proud by taking Punjabi music to new heights. 

Here Are Old Videos Of Punjabi Singers Before They Were Famous

1. Karan Aujla

The man who’s making the whole industry back off with his debut album, BacTHafu*UP. Not much has changed, except for Karan’s spiky hairstyle obviously. He was always an amazing voice but who knew this voice was going to rule over the industry.

2. Amrit Maan

The ‘Goneyane Wala’ was always a gifted writer. Listen to him representing the student community of Mechanical engineers along with his college mates supporting him.

3. Jass Manak

We all know Jass Manak has got one of the most melodious voices in the industry and that’s a reason he’s at the top today. But he is a talented guitarist too, did you know?

4. Sharry Maan

The Nostalgia King of the Punjabi Music Industry, Sharry Maan was always a gem.  ‘Adhura Pyar’ is an all-time classic by Sharry, this is a live raw version of the song.

5. Sidhu Moosewala

Every list is incomplete without this man today. Sidhu Moosewala’s videos from college time are blessings from above. See him jamming live in his beautiful voice to his friend’s guitar playback.

6. Babbal Rai

Babbal Rai was one of the brightest talents when the audience listened to him for the very first time. This video of his college time is exactly why he was considered the brightest talent.

7. Ranjit Bawa

Mitti Da Bawa was raising the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ before it was famous. His voice was always miraculous and made for Punjabi folk.

8. Rajvir Jawanda

This video might be of the thinner college version of Rajvir Jawanda, but listen to his bold and unique voice. Close your eyes and listen to Rajvir commenting on Girl’s perception of college boys.

9. Jassie Gill

The quality of this video of Jassie Gill during his college times might be very low but the quality of the song, the voice and the singer is just as same as it is today.

10. R-Nait

Ending the list on the ‘Kisaan Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad’ slogan, this video of R-Nait in his blanket and covered in a shawl describes the countless atrocities the farmers of Punjab have always been facing. This video is a proof that farmers’ problems are not new and they have always been suppressed by the government of the time.

Bonus Video

This video might not be of the times when Karan Aujla was unknown to the world, but is still quite old. Karan can be seen jamming live with Deep Jandu and Jass Bajwa and the friends are in total ‘Mehfil’ mood.

It is unbelievable that these are the same stars we listen to everyday today and die to get a glimpse of them. Nobody is a born star, everyone has achieved their spots in the world through their long years of struggle, hard work and patience. These people kept their hopes alive and kept working hard, not worrying about the future and today, this is what made them what they are today.

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