Omicron Virus Memes: Corona Is Back ‘Ik Vaari Hor’ With A New Variant

With another year approaching, another virus has started showing its colours as a new variant of Corona Virus named ‘Omicron’ is spreading throughout the world very rapidly. The Omicron variant was first reported in South Africa recently and since then has started spreading in almost 13 other countries. 

Since many countries have started making restrictions, some are planning to do so before the pandemic again. Hope everything will be fine and nothing takes a pause to countries again from their day to day doings. Everything got paused when the lockdown at the time of COVID-19 happened but a part of the world, the netizens did not stop then too.  

Again the netizens made a way through this ongoing hot and scary talk of the new variant, Omicron, and got everybody focused on their humorous memes. Here is a thread of funny memes from the Twitteratis which cannot be missed:

This might have made you smile but not to forget the rapid increment of the Omicron variant is heading towards the nation, try to be safe by taking all precautions!

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