Omjee Group Collaborated With Panorama Spotlight To Represent Punjabi Movies In International Film Festivals

Omjee Group Collaborated With Panorama Spotlight To Represent Punjabi Movies In International Film Festivals

Both Punjabi songs and Punjabi cinema are receiving immense love and appreciation from International fans. And the quality of Punjabi movies is also improving. Hence it feels like it’s the perfect time to step ahead and try to achieve heights on International levels as well. 

Munish Sahni, the managing director of Omjee Group took the initiative to represent Punjabi Cinema in International Film Festivals. He took it to his Instagram account where he announced their collaboration with Panorama Spotlight who will help them to represent Punjabi movies in various International Film Festivals.

The picture says, ‘We are ready to showcase the power of Punjabi Cinema at International Film Festivals!’

And with this, Manish shared a note in the caption stating,

Super thrilled to announce the exclusive collaboration between Omjee Group and Panorama Spotlight to take Punjabi Films to International Film Festivals. Love for our Punjabi language has no boundaries so let’s reach more audience globally and together take our Punjabi Film Industry a step ahead!

Talking about the collaboration, Rajat Goswami from Panorama Spotlight says,

We observed that there is a huge scope for Punjabi films to participate in international film festivals and it will be our joint endeavour with Omjee Group to showcase more stories from Punjab on the international festival circuit. This will boost independent film makers with exposure and opportunities to win international acclaim with their rich content

And, Munish Sahni stated,

Omjee Group has been a fore-runner in producing and distributing great Punjabi content and and this initiative with Panorama Spotlight is a step forward to open new avenues for Punjabi Cinema. We aim to take Punjabi content in never before explored markets globally.”

This is indeed a great step for the better growth of Punjabi Cinema and will be considered as a huge contribution in the coming future as well. The Bollywood industry is already earning great fame in the International market and has also received various awards at International Film Festivals. And it looks like; it’s time for Punjabi Film Industry to join in too. 

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