“Only Punjabi Artists Are Targeted’, Himanshi Khurana Lashes Out At Public As They Let Kangana Ranaut Go

Kangana Ranaut was on her way back from Himachal Pradesh when she entered Punjab and the people there stopped her car from moving further at Ropar this evening. However, later she had a discussion with people there and they let her slip out from the situation without any more talks and even requested to have pictures with her. 

This got everybody’s attention and lately popular artist Himanshi Khurana has also kept her point on this matter on her social media where she was seen sharing her displeased feelings and emotions for the people of Punjab. 

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Himanshi Khurana said that only Punjabi artists are targeted when they make some unintentional moves against the state or the people of it and when it comes to the Bollywood biggies then it is forgotten very easily what the latter did in the past, to the community. “If the Punjabi artists would be at her place then the public would have bashed them (us) completely but when it came to Kangana, they took only a minute to forget everything she said against us.”, said Himanshi. 

Everyone is well aware of what Kangana Ranaut has earlier said against the Punjabi people and the Sikh community many times, calling them ‘Attwaadi’, ‘Terrorists’ and what not, she has always been disgraceful towards them. Himanshi is now disappointed as how can people forget the past events where she (Kangana) has been very disrespectful. And just because she is a bollywood actress, people forgot everything in a trice. 

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Although a part of netizens is also claiming this as to be very insolent and are opposing this deed of people who let the actress slip out from that situation. 

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