Koffee With Karan 8: Orry Reveals These 4 Things About Himself Which Will Surprise You

Koffee With Karan 8: Orry Reveals These 4 Things About Himself Which Will Surprise You

Many Bollywood stars from Deepika Padukone to Zeenat Aman appeared  in Karan Johar’s famous talk show Koffee with Karan Season 8. Sitting on the coffee couch with the host, the stars discussed their personal and professional lives and brewed some koffee over their conversations. 

Now the finale episode of this show is about to come, in which Orry aka Orhan Avatramani, Tanmay Bhatt, Danish Sait, Sumukhi Suresh and Kusha Kapila will be seen as guests. 

In this show, Orry talked openly about his dating life. Social media sensation Orry will be going to seen in the famous talk show. During this, he will also discuss his personal and professional life with Karan. 

Actually, the conversation started when Karan Johar asked Orry if he was dating anyone.

Orry says he is dating 5 people

After this Orry admitted that he is dating 5 people. Further talking about marriage he said that he does not want to get married right now. Once you’re married, you can’t cheat. He further goes on to saying that “I’m cheating, I’m a cheater, and the other person is a cheater”.

Orry replies to criticisms

When Karan asked that a day comes when people stop following you. So don’t you get scared thinking what will you do at that time? On this Orry said that he sees himsellf acting in the movie of hislife. 

He keeps reading comments related to him all day long. People criticize him and say that fame has gone to his head. So he says that it is true that he has an attitude problem. The ghost of fame is haunting his head. And he also thinks that he is better than everyone else. 

Orry plays a weird game in office

Orry says that all his minions have to think, live and dress like him in his office. When Karan Johar asks about minions, he tells that he calls his crew members minions. At his place they are called Orry No. 1, Orry No. 2, … Orry No. 6. He further explains that there are total 6 such people who give him ideas about how to stay in the news.

Orry has a doppelganger 

Orry told a funny story that he found a person who looked like him in London and he immediately gave him a job. He told that Orry is omnipresent. But further he explains the reason for this that whenever he is about to reach some place. 

Before that, a person who looks like him is sent there and is prohibited from opening his mouth. He replaces him as soon as he reaches. He told that he has 3 people who look like him, whom he uses to make himself present everywhere.

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