Our Childhood Favourite Jaadu To Feature Once Again With Hrithik Roshan In Upcoming Krrish 4

There is no doubt in the fact that Koi Mil Gaya was our favourite movie back in our childhood days. And the only reason behind it was our favourite character Jaadu. And all the Jaadu fans will be extremely happy to know that he is coming back soon with Hrithik Roshan in the upcoming movie Krrish 4.

The buzz about the 4th installment of superhit franchise Krrish was floating on social media which made the fans most excited. But recently Hrithik Roshan made it official as he celebrated 15 years of Krrish with fans.

In his tweet he shared, the caption said, “The past is done . 

Let’s see what the future brings. #15YearsOfKrrish #Krrish4″

As per reports, the fans will witness the unique and very fascinating time travel and the come-back of Jaadu almost after a big gap of 2 decades. 

And as per an exclusive report by Pinkvilla, a close source also made affirmations and revealed some details about this awaited upcoming project. He said,

“The makers are trying to build the universe in a way that the world of Koi Mil Gaya, and Krrish come together. While the idea of bringing Jadoo back is in place, the makers have zeroed in on the concept of time travel for this one. Krrish as a franchise has a strong sci-fi backdrop and there has been a gradual significance of time through all the films. In Koi Mil Gaya, Rohit Mehra uses his father’s equipment to communicate with Jadoo, whereas in Krrish, Rohit himself develops a Time Travel Machine, the object of interest. Time travel will be key to the story of Krrish 4,”

The source also revealed that the father son duo of Rakesh and Hrithik is also having words with the writers and visual effects experts. 

All this is making us more and more assured about the kind of entertainer Krrish 4 is going to be. Since after all these announcements have been made, the fans are making guesses about the female lead in the upcoming project. For now, maximum fans have expressed their desire to see Nora Fatehi opposite Hrithik.

The fans have set their eyes on this upcoming project, and we aren’t going to lie but we too are extremely excited about it. After all there is nothing that can match the level of love and excitement for something which impressed you in childhood.

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