Outlaw Web Series Review: Chacha – Bhatija Duo Alarms Their Arrival In A Fierce Course Of Action

Outlaw Web Series Review: Chacha - Bhatija Duo Alarms Their Arrival In A Fierce Course Of Action
StarcastGippy Grewal, Yograj Singh, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Raj Singh Jhinjer, Tanu Grewal
DirectorBaljit Singh Deo
Kiddaan Rating

One of the most anticipated Punjabi web series, that was earlier meant to be a movie, has finally been out of the curtains as it has officially been released on the Punjabi OTT app, Chaupal. In collaboration with Big Daddy Films, Chaupal has exclusively unveiled this gripping action thriller on the OTT app and you should read the Outlaw review before you plan to watch it. 

The web series has a total of 5 episodes with each of it holding out breaths tightly to not let it go unfinished in a go. The episodes are not too lengthy for the audience to not lose interest. As this is the first ever web series of Gippy Grewal, you must not miss watching it. Moreover, Gippy has played his role as a writer as well. Here’s an unfiltered Outlaw review of the series which you should read beforehand. 

Outlaw Web Series Review


The story of Outlaw surrounds the Chacha-Bhatija duo. Gippy Grewal and Yograj Singh’s characters work illegally for a drug dealer but the situations don’t go well and eventually bloodshed happens. In continuation to that, the next episodes bring more characters in light and the 5-episodic series comes out as a good watch. 

The first 2 episodes of Outlaw won’t do justice to the viewers but as the 2nd episode ends and the 3rd begins, it makes an interesting watch for the audience. You should not think about whether to watch Outlaw or not, just give it a watch and you will get to know well this web series has been shot and released. 

The amount of suspense that is created in between is also something that will make you curious to watch each episode without any break. 

Acting & Performances 

Talking about the performances, every actor presented on the screen has done their roles amazingly and there is no doubt in believing the fact how fine these actors have been on-screen. 

Gippy Grewal as Kala has played the main lead in Outlaw. Kala wants to gain a lot of money by selling drugs and working illegally in a foreign country. His role as a typical gangster proves Gippy’s versatility as an actor. 

Yograj Singh as Mewa Singh has prolifically supported Gippy Grewal’s character being his paternal uncle and the real partner in crime. He joins hands with Kala to support him in his illegal work and pro-actively takes initiatives in making things happen. 

Then enters one of the finest characters of Outlaw, Prince Kanwaljit’s character as Jeeta can be called as the show stealer of this web series. His over the top acting is one of the reasons why this web series needs to be appreciated more. 

Other pivotal characters include Tanu Grewal as Preet and Raj Singh Jhinjer who have undoubtedly presented themselves well in Outlaw. Their screen appearances have not felt a waste of time as they have gotten so well along the storyline. 

Outlaw Web Series Review

Writing & Direction 

Talking about the writing and direction of Outlaw, firstly Baljit Singh Deo should be applauded for shooting this 5-episode web series so well. Then comes the writing, which is handled by Gippy Grewal himself. Writing and Dialogues of Outlaw have been good throughout. But, a thing that concerns the viewers is the shot’s transition. It has not been finely adapted by the editor and web series can be seen losing grip at times. 

Background Score

We have specially mentioned about the Background Score here as we were forced to, not by anyone but our hands. The background score of Outlaw is so commendable that it can be said without it Outlaw would have been a tea without milk. Yes, the background score is very amazing and keeps the web series going well through points no matter how low the graphics are. 

Outlaw Web Series Review


Overall Outlaw is a good watch for the audience who love action thrillers and of course the trio, Gippy Grewal, Yograj Singh and Prince Kanwaljit Singh. Grab your popcorn or whatever you feel good to eat, and watch Outlaw at least for once. 

Kiddaan gives Gippy Grewal’s debut web series a rating of 3.5 out of 5. 

Watch the web series on Chaupal, click on the link below: 

Outlaw Out Now 

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