‘Oye Bh*nch*d’: Prem Dhillon Abused By Crowd During Live Show!

‘Oye Bh*nch*d’: Prem Dhillon Abused By Crowd During Live Show!

Prem Dhillon performed live in Edmonton city in Alberta, Canada on 6 November. The tickets were sold out even before the show and the audience were filled with excitement to see Prem performing live. But the live show did not go as planned due to some mischievous crowd.

A video from Prem’s Edmonton Show has gone viral on the internet. It shows a group of people from the crowd, passing abusive comments for Prem, while the singer is just performing live on-stage in front of them. The mischievous group is also seen trying to call Prem and draw his attention towards them while Prem goes on to perform, paying no attention to them.

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The video has gone viral on the internet and the public is lashing out at the guys for disrespecting an artist during his own live show. The backstory of the clip is unknown as of now. Nobody has any idea why the group started abusing Prem Dhillon. They used words like ‘Fukra’ and more for Prem.

The audience is also speculating that it has come after the rumours of a probable rift between Prem Dhillon and Sidhu Moosewala started spreading. Sidhu had uploaded a Snapchat story, taking a dig at one of his close friends. The fans started making their own theories and trying to fit in the perfect man to the description. Rumours spread that Sidhu Moosewala was angry with Prem Dhillon because he will perform with Byg Byrd during a live show on 12 November.


Now, fans speculate that the people abusing Prem during the live show are actually Sidhu fans and are lashing out at Prem on the basis of those rift rumours. But there is no confirmation regarding this either, and it is just speculation circulating in the public. We hope the real reason behind the issue comes out as soon as possible.

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