Paani Ch Madhaani Trailer Review: The Thrilling Tale Of A Desi Punjabi Music Group’s Journey To Success

The trailer of a film decides how much the audience is going to be excited for a film and the official trailer of Paani Ch Madhaani, that dropped today, has made the audience completely restless. The trailer feels to create a different world for the viewer and completely immerse him in it.

The looks of Paani Ch Madhaani team had already been revealed which had given the audience a hint that the film was going to be set in the 1980-1990s and it has turned out to be true. The trailer suggests that Paani Ch Madhaani will chronicle the story and the rise of a Desi music band in a village. How does the band get a ticket to England? What problems does the group have to face in their journey? All these questions lead to a thrilling and completely fresh storyline of Paani Ch Madhaani.

With actors like Gippy Grewal, Neeru Bajwa, Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Honey Mattu, Iftikhar Thakur and many more, the film is surely not going to disappoint in the comedy department and a glimpse of it was seen in the trailer too. All the actors of the film have an interesting character to them and as far as the trailer goes, it looks like the makers have put together a team that can never disappoint.

The film is not only going to be a comical one. The trailer suggests it has a twist to it. Gippy wins a lottery of Rs. 21 Lakh, which is then lost. The trailer did not reveal much about it, but this is surely going to be a hidden detail in the movie. 

What grabs our attention is the top-class production quality and the direction of the film. The director has been successful in getting that difficult old desi Punjab village vibe, as well as the old England vibe! It is not easy for a director to pick such contrasting and difficult sets to portray but it does not feel like much of a deal for Vijay Kumar Arora.

Overall, it feels like Paani Ch Madhaani is going to be a movie that will totally be as per the audience’s expectations. The trailer is very appealing and fetches you to the theatre. The film has also planned its release very smartly and has chosen the day of Diwali 4 November 2021 as the release date of the film. We hope the film is just as good as the trailer!

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