Pak Actors Like Mahira Khan And Fawad Khan Can Work In India; Bombay HC Announces

A petition was filed in the Bombay High Court by a cine worker on Tuesday, demanding a ban on Pakistani artists in the Indian film industry. The petitioner demanded that the Indian musicians, actors and directors must refrain themselves from working with Pakistani artists. 

The Bombay High Court has announced its decision on this petition which has turned the tables for good. As per the judgment announced by the Bombay High Court judge, talented actors like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan will be able to work with the Indian actors. 

What is the judgment given by the Bombay High Court?

The petition which was filed in the Bombay High Court demanded a ban on the visas of Pakistani artists to work in India. However the petition was dismissed by Justice Sunil B Shukre and Firdosh P Pooniwala. He that it was a “retrograde step in promoting cultural harmony, unity and peace.” 

They felt that the Indian government has just taken a step towards establishing international peace and harmony and that this petition lacked merit. Live Law also quoted the court and said that  “if such a petition were entertained by the law then it would undermine the new positive step taken by the government. After a gap of years, Pakistani cricketers were able to play cricket on Indian soil as the ICC World Cup is happening in India”. 

Source: Wikipedia

The court in its ruling also said as per News 18, “activities promoting peace, harmony, and tranquillity, including arts, music, sports, culture, and dance, transcend national boundaries and contribute to unity and harmony within and between nations.”

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