Pakistani Poet Ikram Arfi Appreciated Jaani

Recently something has happened which made Jaani really emotional. An audio is doing rolls on social media in which Ikraam Arfi; a Pakistani Poet is praising Jaani and his writings. Jaani has shared the audio on his Instagram Account and felt grateful towards the poet.

In response to the audio, Jaani wrote, “Meri zindagi da sab to’n vadda award eh audio clip A💚
Ustaada’n de ustaad #ikramarfi saab bahut bahut shukriya🙏🏻Tuhadi es mohhbat be menu eh Eh ehsaas davaayea k main sachio 2-4 sheyar ache likhe ne 💚 @tehzeebhaafi paaji tuhada bahut bahut shukriya for sharing this priceless massage 💚🙏🏻 your fan -#JAANI”

As Jaani wrote that this is the biggest award of his life, we’re sure Jaani is emotional but he must be really proud of himself too. It’s his dedication towards his passion that he is now appreciated not only here in India but every corner of the world. Ikraam Arfi in the audio also said that Jaani and B Praak complement each other beautifully, which we agree to is true. This is the best example which proves that hard work is the only key to success and hard work has no substitute.

We hope Jaani keeps writing and collecting the blessings and showers of love from his admirers forever and ever.

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