Pam Gosal Becomes First Sikh and Indian Woman To Be Elected To The Scottish Parliament

Pam Gosal created history on 8 May 2021 when she became the first-ever Sikh to be elected to the Scottish Parliament. She is now a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for West Scotland. In addition to being the first Sikh to achieve the feat, she also became the first-ever woman of Indian descent to be elected to the Scottish Parliament. 

Pam Gosal also became one of the first-ever women of color to be elected, alongside Kaukab Stewart. Kaukab Stewart also made history by becoming the first woman of Pakistani descent to be elected to the Scottish Parliament.

Pam Gosal belongs to the Scottish Conservatives party, led by Douglas Ross. Though the party failed to win the Parliamentary elections, the elections were surely historical and gave Indians a moment to savor watching the first Indian woman climbing up the Scottish Parliamentary stairs. 

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