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Chalo aao pher ajj PANCHAYAT laayie, per eh PANCHAYAT lgugi kithe, eh lagugi Amazon Prime te. Pradhaan hoyugi Manju Devi yani ki Neena Gupta per kaam sara dekhenge ohna de pati Brij Bhushan Dubey yani ki Raghuvir Yadav. Te ohna di ek kudi hai jo Kahaani ch nazar nhi aaundi.

So Panchayat di kahaani shuru hundi hai ek shehar ch paddan wale Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) toh jo ki sapna dekhda ke degree toh baad ohdi kite wadia jahi naukari lgegi te oh Mon to Fri kamm krega te weekend te chill krega. Per ehda nhi hunda. ohdi naukari lag jandi hai Phulera , Uttar Pradesh de ek chotte jahe pind ch as a Gram Sachiv. Pher ohnu lagda hai ithe apni daal nahi galni te pher ohda dost (Biswapati Sarkar ) CAT MBA di tyaari krn di salah dinda hai te pher abhishek tripathi tyaari krda, per pind diyaan problems kida ohdi tyaari de aale duaale ghumdiyaan eh sab tanu Panchayat de 8 Episodes ch dekhn nu milega.

Kahaani bhut simple hai per ohdi execution bhut kmaal hai. Performance-wise v sarea ne apna kaam kmaal kita hai. Chalo hun mai tanu Panchayat bare kuj interesting chija dsda , Chandan Roy jehne vikas (Gram Sahayak) da character play kita ohnu pehla kise hor chotte jahe character layi final kita c, per Raghuvir Yadav Ji ne makers nu keha ke bhut wadia actor hai eh, ehda audition dobara check kro kyunki ohna ne ohde naal pehla kamm kita c te pher jdo reconsider kita te vikas ji chaa gaye apne kirdaar ch and same hoyea Faisal Malik de naal jihna ne Deputy Pradhan da character play kita hai ohna ne acting quit karn da soch leya c per makers ne ohna da kamm Gangs Of Wasseypur ch dekheya c jehde krke iss character lyi ohna ne Faisal huna nu force kita te pher finally ohna ne haan kiti.

Acha Abhishek Tripathi da dost Abhishek nu kehnda ke “Gaon mein kuch aisa dhund jis se tera dil lag jaye”. Te ohnu Ki milda hai , ehde lyi eh article dobara pdo , jwaab ehde wich hi hai. Jeh jwaab pta lag jaye te KIDDAAN de instagram handle nu tag krke , jwaab apne instagram di story ch pao.

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While studying, dreaming, sleeping, talking and performing every other activity, who has not dreamed of a perfect 9-5, Monday to Friday job all his lifetime? We all do, and so does, Abhishek Tripathi, a graduate from Delhi. But just like all of us, his dream job is not what he gets, rather he is placed as a Gram Sachiv in Phulera, a small village of Uttar Pradesh. All this is the basic plot of Panchayat.

Panchayat is a web series that focuses on rural life and the basic problems people face there. Other than this, the story is driven by Abhishek Tripathi, as he is the character who leads the entire story. 

Starring Jeetendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, and Faisal Malik, Panchayat is light yet entertaining content. In the story, Jeetu as Abhishek plays the character of a typical Delhi Boy, who is not at all interested in working for this small job in a small village. But because he has no other options, he stands by this job and drives the story further. In the 8 episodes of the series, you will see Abhishek dealing with new problems. And Neena Gupta is rocking her role the way she does in her every project. She is playing Manju Devi, who is pradhan of the village, who actually does nothing, but her husband Brij Bhushan Dubey (Raghuvir Yadav) takes the charge for everything on her behalf. Faisal is the Deputy Pradhan Prahlad & Chandan Roy performs the role of office attendant Vikas.

You will be entertained with little packs of laughter and light comic scenes, throughout the story, which will definitely keep you involved & entertained. 

Also very interesting is the fact that Chandan Roy was selected to play a small character in the story earlier, but Raghuvir referred him and insisted the makers by telling them Chandan is a good actor who can perform the better role and requested them to recheck his audition for the same and something very similar happened with Faisal Malik too. He had planned to quit acting, but because the makers of the series had seen his work in Gangs of Wasseypur, they requested him to pursue the character in their story too.

But not to forget you’ll demand more of Neena Gupta’s character, as her screen presence is less than what it should be. You can watch this series for a light weighted drama, and if you’re a fan of situational comedy, you will end up loving this for sure. 

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