Panchhi Movie Review: An Unexpected Tale Of Betrayal And Love, Wrapped In A Murder Mystery

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Starcast: Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Aarushi Sharma, Ashok Pathak, Ahen Vani Vatish, Sanju Salonki, and more.

Directed By: Maneesh Bhatt

The first batch of Punjabi Movies has been released on OTT Platform Chaupal. The movie stars Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Aarushi Sharma, Ashok Pathak, Ahen Vani Vatish and many more, and is directed by Maneesh Bhatt. Our team has watched the movie, and landed up to mixed reviews. There were some who appreciated the movie, while others found loopholes that make this crime thriller movie an average one. 

Starting with the star cast of the movie, it features many stars and the most amazing thing about them is that most of the people, who worked in this movie, were not very familiar faces, but supremely talented. We have titled the review of the movie as unexpected, and what surprised us the most was the acting skills of Prince Kanwaljit. There is no doubt in the fact that he is a great actor and has already proved his acting skills in various movies. But this character was something that challenged the actor inside him, and we must say that he acted real. The broad smile on his face became the characteristics of his character which stayed on his face for most of the time, and could he look any more relevant than in the scene where he patted his hair to settle them in a decent way? and we have been talking about Prince, hence, we cannot ignore the commendable skills of Ashok Pathak too. Prince Kanwaljit Singh and Ashok Pathak were the hero duo of the movie. From the beginning of the movie, to its end, the only two characters which will keep you gripped are Prince KL and Ashok Pathak. 

And talking about Aarushi Sharma, it’s unfortunate that the actress, who plays the love interest of the lead Prince Kanwaljit, has given very limited dialogues. And this fact also makes us take a turn towards the plot of the movie. It’s the story of a psychologically distressed man who falls in love with Shalu, who gets murdered. The incident leaves Panchhi as the main suspect, and what happens next is what the story is all about. 

But guess what? It took the complete first half to build the base, and head to the main story of Shalu being murdered. In the first half you keep trying to struggle to understand what exactly is going on, and by the time you really get the plot, you are already more than half way through the movie. In the film, Prince Kanwaljit plays the character of Panchhi, who is a psychologically distressed man, who is short-tempered and has been involved in some crimes before being trapped in fake murder case. And on the other hand, Ashok Pathak plays a ragman, and his best friend who is more like the only man in his life who cares for him.  And after the love of Panchhi’s life is murdered, and Panchhi is left as the suspect, the story moves forward and finally thrills. 

If we keep aside the murder and the story around it, the plot of Panchhi has a lot more for you which will impress you. The one thing that’s highlighted with perfection in the entire movie is the tale of Panchhi and Gulli’s friendship. Even though Panchhi is mentally ill, Gulli is the only person who stands by him the entire time. And apart from this, the expressions of feelings and emotions in the movie are portrayed beautifully in some scenes which make you smile too. 

We are impressed by the efforts of the team, because this film is something really unexpected and we believe Punjabi Cinema has not experimented much with genres and plots like this. We liked the story, but the screenplay could have been better. We liked the background score at some specific points, like every time Panchhi had to share screen with Shalu. 

Finally, we can conclude this movie as a great one time watch experience if you’re looking forward to watching something which is unique than what’s already cooking in the kitchen. 

And not to forget there is a scene in the movie, which is strong enough to depict the entire story of the movie. In the scene a kid is injured as he falls from the roof while he was trying to catch a bird (Panchhi). And same is the story of the movie, which right now, we cannot disclose, because it will ruin your watch experience. 

You can watch the movie on OTT Platform Chaupal, where there are many more new and old entertainers from Punjabi Industry available for you to binge watch. 

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