Parents’ Association Members Garlanded DEO With Shoes In Ludhiana, Complaint Filed

A video has been widely circulated all over the internet showing some people garlanding an official with shoes! The video is actually from Ludhiana. The members of Parents’ Association garlanded the District Education Officer (DEO), Lakhvir Singh, with shoes in the viral video. The DEO has, in turn, filed a police complaint against the members.

Lakhvir Singh, the officer who was garlanded with shoes, has claimed in the complaint that he was deceived by the members of Parents’ Association, who had come to his office claiming that they wanted to honour him. In the video, it can be seen that the members approach the DEO and garland him with flowers. Without making the officer realize, he’s garlanded with shoes too. 

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Rajinder Ghai, President of the Parents’ Association involved in the incident, has revealed the reason behind why they considered it appropriate to garland the officer with shoes. He said that the Association was protesting against an inaction by the officer in a sexual harassment case! The claimed that the DEO had failed to take any concrete actions against a teacher who has been accused of sexually harassing girls at a government school premises. 

Rajinder Ghai added that when the issue was brought forward by them and multiple complaints were filed, the teacher was only transferred to another school and no legal actions were taken against him on the basis of the accusations. He added that garlanding the officer with shoes was the only way they found to make him realize his duties and responsibilities. 

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The DEO has replied to the accusations, straightforwardly denying them. He claimed that when complaints were filed against the teacher, he was moved to another school after a complete inquiry. He further added that teachers cannot be suspended or dismissed as per the whims and fancies of the Parents’ Association. It can only take place after an inquiry.

The DEO even said that the people were not even ‘genuine’ parents’ association and blamed them of being a group of people who blackmail officers. The Police has claimed that they are investigating the matter and legal actions will be taken after proper investigation.

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