Parliament Smoke Attack: Journalists Start Fighting Among Themselves Over The Smoke Cannister

Parliament Smoke Attack: Journalists Start Fighting Among Themselves Over The Smoke Cannister

A case of major lapse in the security of Parliament has come to light. Two men jumped from the spectator’s gallery during the proceedings of the Lok Sabha. 

These two people started running from one bench to another. Then one person took out some yellow gas from his shoe and sprayed it. 

During this time there was chaos in the Parliament. MPs started running here and there. However, some MPs caught them and handed them over to the security guards. 

On one hand, inside the Lok Sabha, two youths jumped from the spectators’ gallery and reached the MPs’ bench and sprayed color gas. On the other hand, outside the Parliament, a young man and a woman sprayed gas and raised slogans. This created a stir outside the Parliament complex.

Delhi Police has detained two people for threatening the security and releasing smoke gas outside Parliament. Their names are Neelam and Anmol Shinde. 

TV Journalists started fighting while reporting the incident

After the major security lapse, several TV journalists gathered outside the Parliament complex to report the incident but they soon got engaged in a brawl themselves. 

A video has been circulating on the social media in which two TV journalists engaged in a fight while reporting the incident. In the video, a journalist from the TV9 Bharatvarsh was showing the smoke can to show the evidence. 

Soon, other journalists including Pallavi Ghosh, the senior editor of CNN News18 started snatching the remains to showcase them on her channel. 

Other journalists too showed unprofessionalism as they also joined the brawl. Several netizens have condemned this behaviour of the journalists on X. 

Who was behind the attack is not known yet but earlier Khalistani separatist and Sikhs for justice leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun threatened to attack the parliament on or by 13 December 2023.

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