Parmish Verma And World Famous Turkish Chef, Salt Bae, Snapped Together

Parmish Verma And World Famous Turkish Chef, Salt Bae, Snapped Together

Punjabi top star Parmish Verma recently shared a picture with worldwide famous Turkish Chef Salt Bae. The actor-singer also tagged the professional chef, Salt Bae, in the caption under the post. If you are unfamiliar with this worldwide phenomenon called Salt Bae, we are here to help you!

The real name of the Turkish Chef is Nusret Gökçe. He was nicknamed Salt Bae, due to his technique of seasoning meat, which also became a world popular Internet meme in January 2017. Since that day, Nusert is no longer just a chef, he is turned into a complete entertainer. His way and technique of preparing and seasoning the meat is popular all over the world and people specially visit his restaurant chains, just to watch the show!

The restaurateur owns a chain of luxury steak houses called ‘Nusr-Et’. Originating from Turkey, his organization has branches all over the world, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates; Doha in Qatar; Ankara, Bodrum, Istanbul and Marmaris in Turkey; Jeddah in Saudi Arabia; Mykonos in Greece; Miami, New York, Boston, Dallas, and Beverly Hills in the United States; and London in the United Kingdom.

He has become a worldwide sensation due to his entertaining skills. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including world famous football players, Hollywood actors, and rappers have met and taken pictures with the chef. His ‘sprinkling hand posture’ has become a sensation too.

Many Indian celebrities have been snapped with Salt Bae including Sanjay Dutt, Tiger Shroff and others. Parmish Verma is the first Punjabi celebrity to have taken pictures with the world famous chef. 

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