Parmish Verma Announced An Upcoming Movie ‘Main Te Bapu’ With His Father. The Story Behind Is Heartwarming

Singer, director, actor and what not Parmish Verma has proved his versatility in various fields of the entertainment industry.

But do you know the struggle of his father in making Parmish a star is equally inspiring?

It was his father Dr. Satish Verma who struggled hard to fulfill the dream of his son.

He reached out to directors to get Parmish work in punjabi cinema. As per a recent story shared on Facebook by punjabi director Sagar S Sharma, he has finalised a project for Parmish as well. But at that time, no production or producer was interested in investing in Parmish. 

But his father was dedicated to make his son a star.

The duo kept struggling and trying until Parmish finally became a part of the industry.

Parmish has now announced his first upcoming movie produced by his own production company. The movie titled ‘Main Te Bapu’ seems like a perfect return gift for a father who believed in his son when he was not a popular face already.

Parmish shared about his upcoming movie and expressed how excited he is to share the screen with his father.

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