Parmish Verma Bought A Custom Made Luxury Wraith Car From Rolls Royce

Punjabi might live in any corner of the earth but it’s next to impossible to minimise their obsession and love for brands and luxury cars.

Parmish Verma also who is the favourite of many has recently added a new member in his family. The actor, director and singer Parmish Verma is now the owner of a very charming and luxury car Rolls Royce Wraith. 

He shared the news with his fans on his Instagram account by sharing a few pictures in a recent post. He is seen posing with his latest car.

Many celebrities do buy their favourite dream cars, but the case of Parmish Verma is certainly different. Because the latest toy he has bought is not the regular model of the Rolls Royce, but is specially customised for Parmish. 

He shared the same on his Instagram post too.

In one of the pictures he shared, we can see the Rolls Royce has especially mentioned on the car, 

“Hand Build in Goodwood, England for Parmish”

Parmish’s latest car Rolls Royce Wraith is not an easy toy that anybody can afford. It’s price ranges from $350,931-$443,345.

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The new car has also raised the levels of excitement of the fans too. The fans are congratulating Parmish once again. 

Parmish’s love for branded cars can be easily explored if one decides to stalk his Instagram profile. Also in February this year, he received the 1st model of All New Safari from Tata Motors.

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