Parmish Verma Makes His Girlfriend, Guneet, Public For The First Time

Parmish Verma Makes His Girlfriend, Guneet, Public For The First Time

Parental Advisory! This article is going to break a million hearts. The heartbeat of Punjabi girls, Parmish Verma, who is generally seen making girls skip a beat whenever he comes on the screen, has today become the reason for breaking a million hearts.

The Punjabi superstar has made his girlfriend public for the first time ever. Guneet was introduced to the public by Parmish on the occasion of her becoming the next Member of Parliament for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser-Canyon in Canada. She won the nominations from the Liberal Party of Canada.

In a congratulatory post, Parmish Verma wrote a beautiful caption for his girl and shared a picture of them together. While most of the girls are currently busy in swallowing this hard pill, there’s no denying that the couple looks just perfect.

Parmish had previously dropped some hints about his probable relationship. A post uploaded earlier on his Instagram account showed an image-in-the-shadow of the couple and the caption would make anyone guess what Parmish is actually talking about.

After the post, Parmish kept teasing us all with several stories and pictures posted on his Instagram account. But the artist would not reveal it officially. But now, finally, we have seen Guneet, Parmish’s better half. 

We wish the couple the most beautiful life together and all the other girls of the world, we understand your pain. Stay strong!

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