Parmish Verma Replies To Sharry Maan, Thanks Him For The Love He Poured In The FB Live

Sharry Maan, who attended Parmish Verma’s wedding recently, was disappointed by the unwell hospitality from the latter’s side. As updated earlier, Sharry was displeased after attending Parmish’s wedding and came live to show his disappointment for the same. Now Parmish Verma has also landed in the battle ground by replying to the former’s statements. 

Parmish Verma apologized to Sharry Maan for the unwell hospitality by their side as they were busy in the wedding rituals and for making him wait, even though he was around his family members during that time. Further, he added and replied, “You gave your love & blessings to me and my family on my wedding day, during a Facebook live. Thank you for the same. Parmish Verma is not a big shot, he is obviously way much minor to you.” 

According to Sharry Maan, he felt disowned when his beloved friend, Parmish Verma, did not even meet him with a nice gesture. To this, Parmish replied and claimed that he met him with love and honour in his heart and will be forever meeting and greeting him with the same gratitude. He will always have the same kind of respect for him in his heart. 

Sharry Maan emotionally took this thing at heart and later shared another memorable moment of both of them on his official Instagram handle.

As of now, both the artists seem to be quite sad and disappointed but let us see what this friendship takes turns and where does it land. We hope everything goes well between both of them and may we see the old duo of Parmish Verma and Sharry Maan back.

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