Parmish Verma Shares A Defending Note In Support Of Sidhu Moosewala On Joining Congress

Sidhu Moosewala is the name rounding all over the internet again and the fresh reason for this is very well known. Sidhu has stepped into politics and started a new chapter of his life by joining the National Congress recently, ahead of State Assembly Elections 2022. 

Where one end of the public was disappointed with this step taken by Sidhu Moosewala, others came in support of him. The artist held an Instagram live session lately, to answer all the anti questions raising of him joining the politics and made sure that he will be a reason for the change among the state and his respective area. 

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This morning Sonia Mann was seen posting in the support of Sidhu and now Parmish Verma has also come up for the same. Parmish Verma and Sidhu Moosewala have been friends for almost 6 years and the former feels that Sidhu hasn’t changed a bit irregardless, he has gathered a lot of stardom in these times. Parmish Verma shared an IG story and wrote a note in support of Sidhu with a picture of him with the artist. 

“Sidhu has worked hard and made a name for himself at an international level. We live in a democratic country and every person has a right to choose what to do in his life and now when Sidhu has decided to do something for the change then he must have the same freedom being a part of this country”, said Parmish Verma. 

Parmish further added a defending note by saying that “Hate Karke Desh Nahi Badal Da, System Da Part Banke Badlu”,  ‘Hating someone is not that can make a change but getting into the system and being a part of it is a better solution to make changes happen’. 

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Sidhu Moosewala might be a probable choice as an MLA candidate from Mansa constituency in the 2022 assembly elections. However, no official confirmation from any end has been made yet. 

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