Parmish Verma Will Blow Your Mind With His Latest Addition To Premium Watches

Parmish Verma is by far one of the biggest brand enthusiasts in the Punjabi music industry. His love for expensive luxury clothing and articles has made him a style-icon of the industry. He was recently spotted wearing an expensive outfit but the price of his wrist-watch will give you a mini heart attack.

He chose to go on with a Givenchy Neon Logo Tee for the upperwear which costs ₹39,266. For covering up the Tee, he decided to go on with a Gucci Canvas Zip Jacket costing ₹2,30,462. The Off-White Buckled Cargo Trousers for the lowerwear took away ₹83,053 from Parmish’s pocket. The real deal, for the footwear, Parmish Verma wore the Jordan 1 High First Class Flight which cost ₹17,558. 

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If you think this is already too much to spend on a casual outfit, you haven’t seen the big thing yet. The whole outfit kept aside, Parmish carried by far the most expensive article on his wrist. The wrist-watch enthusiast was spotted wearing a ₹18,93,702 Breitling Navitimer 01. A wrist watch costing almost 19 Lakh INR, this guy is hella rich! 

The wrist watch carries most of the total amount of the outfit, which accounts to ₹22,64,041. We really apologize for hurting your sentiments with all these prices, but believe us, we ourselves are feeling like the poorest beings existing on the planet. Punjabis will never leave any stones unturned to laden their bodies with expensive luxurious brands.

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