Parmish Verma’s Reply To A Fan’s Comment Won Our Heart

When it comes to social media, everyone expects to get the most number of likes and comments. But it’s not as easy as it looks like. Also Social media has now become a go-to platform for everyone where they share their life and feelings. 

Recently when a fan did the same in a comment under Parmish Verma’s Instagram post, he got lucky and received a reply from him.

Though Parmish dropped the reply for the commenter, he won our hearts too.

Parmish shared a throwback pic of him with no beard.

A fan commented and made Parmish aware about his breakup. He wrote, “Parmish bro today my Heart Broke. My girlfriend leaves me bro I love her so much veer ji menu smhaal lo main focus nhi krr paa reha”

To this, Parmish Verma replied with, “Oh Bhra. Duniya de dukh dekh. Phir soch eh kinni choti gal aa. Spend time with your parents. Aur unko Sambhal.. Jyada tang I tan Gym join Karla.”

Thousands of people like Parmish’s reply which include us as well.

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