Patel Stalwart ‘Hardik’ Unhappy With Congress, Said “My Position In The Party Is Like A Groom Forced To Undergo Nasbandi”

Gujarat assembly elections 2017 turned out to be a tight tussle between the BJP and the Congress party, ending up with a neck to neck fight resulting in 99 seats for BJP while 78 (+5) for the Congress and its allies.  

This year, Gujarat assembly elections are to be held in November-December, but months before the elections, Patel youth icon Hardik Patel lashed out at the state Congress unit, alleging that some leaders has harassed him and they want him to leave the Congress party.

He also asserted that he had taken up the issue with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi many times, but no action has been taken to address his grievances. 

“I am being harassed so much that I feel bad about it. Gujarat Congress leaders want me to leave the party. I’ve taken up the issue with Congress leader and former party president Rahul Gandhi many times, but no action has been taken to address my grievances”, Patel told PTI Bhasha in a telephonic interview.

He further questioned:

“You had used Hardik Patel in 2017, now you want to use Naresh bhai Patel in 2022, and in 2027 you would use another Patidar leader. Why don’t you support and strengthen Hardik? The Congress party should take Naresh bhai, but will they treat him like the way they did to me?”

“Despite being a working president of the party’s state unit, no work has been given to me. I am not even called to attend important meetings or not made part of any decision-making process. My position in the Congress party is like a new groom who has been made to undergo nasbandi (vasectomy). It was due to our Patidar quota agitation that the Congress party benefited in the 2017 elections. Congress in Gujarat is a divided house, struggling to come to power for the last 30 years due to infighting”, he further added.

Though he said that he won’t leave the Congress party. However, he is unhappy with the state Congress’ “style of functioning”. He claims that he has been sidelined in the state unit and the leadership has failed to utilise his skills. He had also expressed his grouse a day after he hinted at contesting elections after the Supreme Court stayed his conviction in a 2015 rioting and arson case.

While on camera Hardik Patel has said that Naresh Patel (the chairman of the Khodaldham Temple Trust) should join the Congress party, but as per the sources, he is unhappy with the Congress’ plan to rope in Naresh Patel before the assembly elections 2022 as it can damage his future in the Congress party.

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