Pathaan’s Song “Besharam Rang” Faces Boycott Trend On Twitter!

Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, is all set to debut in theatres on January 25, 2023. However, before that, the first song from the movie, “Besharam Rang”, sparked a new controversy. Notably, Narottam Mishra, the home minister of Madhya Pradesh has objected over the colour of Deepika Padukone’s bikini. 

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Moreover, Narottam Mishra, objecting to the use of saffron colour bikini in the song, warned the moviemakers to either change the scene, else the movie would be completely banned in Madhya Pradesh. “Their dirty mindset can be clearly seen in the song, and I highly object to the costumes as well,” said Narottam Mishra. Moreover, this has now sparked a new controversy way before the release of Pathaan.

Additionally, Swami Chakrapani also slammed the movie makers over the release of the song. “Is the censor board sleeping? It’s a clear cut insult of Hindu Dharma and saffron! The Hindu Mahasabha will strongly oppose it, and impose a ban,” said Swami Chakrapani. However, the movie makers haven’t replied yet, though the controversy seems interesting now! 

Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan starrer Pathaan has been an all-time awaited movie for the SRK fans, especially as it’s seen as the comeback of Shahrukh Khan after a long time. This isn’t the first time that such controversy has been sparked, even earlier Narottam Mishra has issued various statements against some actors and filmmakers. Recently, he called Arjun Kapoor a “flop actor” in one of his statements.  

However, it will be interesting to see if the censor board takes any action. Though the #boycott trend has been trending across Twitter against the  “Besharam Rang” song.

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