Patiala: 13 – Year – Old Boy Cycled 250 Km To Meet His Favourite YouTuber “Triggered Insaan” In Delhi, This Is What Happened Next!

The fans often do whatever possible, to meet their favourite celebrity. Moreover, it’s shocking how a 13-year-old kid from Patiala, cycled over 250 km in three days from Punjab to Delhi, in order to meet his favourite YouTube star Nischay Malhan alias “Triggered Insaan”. However, the kid wasn’t lucky enough, because Nischay left for Dubai, as stated by the police.

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Unluckily, when the 13-year-old kid reached Nischay’s flat in Pitampura apartment, Delhi, he didn’t find anyone. However, fortunately, the police were able to find Nischay in time. Reportedly, when this 13-year-old child went missing on October 4, his parents lodged a police complaint, adding that their son is obsessed with YouTuber Triggered Insaan.

Nischay Malhan alias “Triggered Insaan” is one of the most successful YouTubers in the country. Having more than 1.7 crore subscribers, Nischay has a solid fanbase from across the globe and even abroad. Surprisingly, when the YouTuber came to know about the missing boy, he too, on social media, requested the boy to contact his parents. 

Furthermore, the Patiala police and the parents of this class 8 student, gathered numerous pieces of evidence using social media and informed Delhi police about the same. Moreover, they were almost sure that their kid would try to meet his favourite YouTuber “Triggered Insaan”. Additionally, the CCTV footage from various places helped a lot in this case. 

When the Delhi police found Nischay’s address, they went through the CCTV footage and even contacted the association of the residents. Subsequently, the child was spotted in the CCTV footage, after which the cops rushed to Pitampura apartments, and in a few minutes, they finally found the kid at a park around 5 PM. Even the YouTuber, in a tweet, said, “Good News! Thank God, finally the boy has been found.”

The kid is safe now and his family members have reached Delhi to take him back. However, such craziness may turn out to be dangerous. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the parents to look after their kids and monitor their activities.

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