Payal Rohatgi Fires On Sidhu Moosewala, But Kept The Comments Off!

Payal Sidhu

It looks like the bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi has decided to not keep calm and move the internet again and again by posting something related to the ongoing Farmers Protest in Delhi.

Recently she posted an IGTV video on her Instagram Account, in which she has talked about the very popular superstar of Punjabi Music Industry Sidhu Moosewala. She fired on him with multiple comments and called him a person who is misleading and using the farmers for a particular anti-national agenda. 

In the video she also stated that Sidhu had been targetting her for a long time, whereas she isn’t even aware who Sidhu Moosewala is. She talked about the AK-47 controversy of Moosewala and also called Diljit Dosanjh a proven Duffer.

One more thing well noticable in her video was she pronouncing Moosewala’s name incorrectly. In the entire video, she kept calling Sidhu as Sidhu Moosa Wala and something like that. This is not the first time she has done this, but previously also in her video targetting Diljit Dosanjh, she kept calling him Daljeet Dosa! 

Last time when she posted video for Diljit Dosanjh, she had to deal with extreme hate in the comment section which might be reason why she has kept the comment section on her recent video off.

Payal Comments

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