PETA India Slammed For Calling Use Of Horses In Indian Weddings ‘Abusive’ And ‘Cruel’

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India’s latest statement has ignited a new controversy on twitter. PETA India has been in controversy for their statements and this time it is regarding the use of horses in Indian weddings. As the wedding season approaches in India, the statement has brought the Twitter community together to slam PETA.

In a tweet, PETA India called the use of horses in Indian weddings ‘abusive’ and ‘cruel’. Horses are mostly used in Hindu and Sikh weddings in India during a ritual called ‘Baraat’. The groom arrives at the wedding spot, on the top of a horse, with his family members and guests dancing around him. PETA claims that horses are not treated well in this procession and has, thus, requested couples to keep horses out of their weddings.

PETA India claims that ‘spiked bits’ are used against horses to get them ‘wedding-ready’. Spiked bits are torture devices that can injure and traumatise horses for lives. Rule 8 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals Rules, 1965, prohibits the use of spiked bits, yet PETA claims they are actively used in Indian weddings.

PETA says that they have found these torture devices inserted deep in animals’ mouths, ripping their lips and tongues and causing extreme pain, bloody wounds immense psychological trauma, and lifelong damage. Due to the damage that spiked bits cause to animals, many couples have started opting for horse-free weddings as per PETA.

But the statement did not go well with Netizans. They have called the tweet by PETA India an attack on Indian traditions and have called them ‘Anti-Hindu’. Some users wrote that if riding horses for polo is cool, why is it abusive and cruel for riding them for weddings. Users were also seen making comments like ‘We are not killing horses in weddings’.

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PETA has previously filed charges against Tasmania’s peak racing body and a jockey for the use of whips during horse races in the state. What is your take on the issue? Is PETA’s statement one step ahead in creating a society safe for animals or is it an attack on Indian traditions?

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