Do You Remember Inspector Vivek from CID?  This is What He is Doing Now

Indian shows and movies have a long lasting impact on us. One such show that is still loved by us Indians is CID. It was a crime thriller that aired on Sony TV. The television audience still re-watch this show which used to come on Sony Entertainment Television from January 1998 to October 2018.

People loved the characters of that show as they were unique in their own sense. There was a beloved trio of ACP Pradyuman, Sr. Inspector Daya, and Sr. Inspector Abhijeet. Among all the other actors, there was a character named Inspector Vivek, which was played by Vivek Mashru. 

Recently, pictures and videos of this talented actor started resurfacing on the internet, and netizens are wondering, Where is he now? 

How did the posts get viral? 

Recently, some Twitter users were feeling highly nostalgic about the CID show and its actors. They took to the social media platform and tweeted a picture of Vivek Mashru and wrote “If you know him, your childhood was awesome”. Netizens have also shared some scenes from the CID show along with the videos and pictures. The actor who has been away from all the showbizz was touched by the tweets and his fans’ loving gesture. 

Vivek Mashru even retweeted a fan’s tweet and wrote a caption “Thank you so much for your kindness, love, and appreciation for whatever little I have done. It means a lot to me and it is deeply appreciated! Infinite gratitude and love, always.” Netizens were moved by his reactions and they immediately started doing a background check on himhim which left them surprised. 

Where is Vivek Mashru now? 

Vivek Mashru has been on a long break from the entertainment industry. He is currently living a happy life in Bengaluru. Right now, he is working as a professor at a university based in Bengaluru. His LinkedIn profile says that he is a director of the Department Of Common Core Curriculum, at the CMR university.

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