How And When Pizza Entered The Indian Food Market?

Pizza, a go to food item, is probably one of the most favorite edibles in India and the world. Even without having the Indian roots, pizzas have now gone deep inside the taste buds and the menu book of Indians. From some authentic foreign pizza recipes to some modified pizzas with Indian touch, you’ll find everything in India now. But have you ever wondered how pizza became this popular? And when did pizza actually enter the Indian food market? Here we got you the answer.

So to know when pizza actually debuted in India, we have to travel down to history books. After turning some pages of the history of pizza, we learned that pizza was first introduced in India in the early 1900s by Italian missionaries. The Britishers tried to reintroduce it multiple times during their rule, but initially it didn’t catch the eyes or mouths you say.

The popularity of pizza gradually grew over time, and by the end of 1970s it became one of the most popular fast food items in India. But its craze among Indian food lovers actually began in the late 1990s. It was June 18, 1996, when the 2nd most popular pizza company, Pizza Hut introduced their pizzas in India. Pizza Hut opened its first outlet in Bangalore. On the other hand, the biggest pizza company in the world, Dominos, wasn’t too far behind Pizza Hut, as it also opened its first outlet in New Delhi in the same year.

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Following  Pizza Hut and Dominos, many other popular global pizza companies debuted in the Indian market with time. This led India to become one of the largest pizza consuming countries in the world. And we are damn sure that you must be contributing to India to achieve this feat.

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