Planning To Apply For Permanent Or Temporary Residentship In Canada? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

In the past few years, more and more people from India and even many other countries have settled abroad, especially in Canada. The new Canadian citizens are entitled to a variety of complimentary benefits, including free entrance to Canadian parks and no-cost assistance that assist with employment. However, they do have to pay money up front when submitting applications for Canadian citizenship or even permanent residency.

Moreover, you need to be a permanent resident before applying for citizenship in Canada. Let’s have a look at various key points if you are the one planning to immigrate to Canada. Like the other countries, Canada also has a specific fee if you are applying for a temporary or permanent residency. In order to become a permanent resident, the applicants can pay as low as $570 (INR 46315.64) if they qualify as a Protected Person or a maximum of $2,140 (INR 173886.77) if they are self-employed or have applied for a start-up visa.

Permanent residents of Canada are not yet considered as the citizens of the country. To become one, they’ll need to apply, and the fee for the adults and minors is different. As per the information, the application fee is $630 (INR 51190.97) for individuals who are 18 years of age or above and $100 (INR 8125.55) for those who are younger. Moreover, you’ll need to get ready for a test, an interview, and the citizenship ceremony as part of the application procedure.

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Furthermore, if you want to apply for immigration to Canada through Express Entry, a programme for “skilled immigrants” with prior work experience outside of Canada, you’ll need to have some money in the bank. In case you’re applying alone, be sure to have at least $13,310 (INR 1081510.71) in your bank account as proof of finances; however, the amount may increase proportionately based on the number of family members you list in your application form.

However, you must first create a free profile through the express entry stream on the IRCC website in order to apply through this method. In order to effectively set up the profile, you may need to pay between $400 (INR 32502.20) and $700 (INR 56878.85) to obtain your English language test results and academic credential evaluations.

In the case of housing, the rates are subsequently a significant financial consideration when moving to a new nation. Furthermore, depending on the city you choose to live in, an average Canadian house will cost less than $250,000 (INR 20313875.00) on the East coast and approximately $1 million (INR 81255500.00) on the West in 2022.

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