Warning! Immediately Call Police If You See A Plastic Bottle Stuck In Your Car’s Wheel Well

Have you ever seen an empty plastic bottle stuck around a car’s wheel well? If yes, you should know what was the purpose behind it. And if not, you should be aware of why that can turn out really dangerous. And you might even land in the situation to call the police also. 

Various posts and videos are going viral on the internet where a plastic bottle is seen fixed on a car’s wheel well. And you might have come across it as well. But the reason behind it might blow your mind. 

In reality, fixing an empty plastic bottle in someone’s car wheels is a trick popularly used by thieves across the globe. The vehicle lifters use this trick to fool the car owners and steal their cars. 

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They intendedly fix an empty plastic bottle in the car’s wheel wells, and that too on the passenger side wheel.  This is done to minimize the chances of the driver noticing the bottle in the car’s wheels. 

And when the driver starts the car and moves it forwards or backwards, the plastic bottle crashes and makes squishing noises. This disturbs the driver and makes him suspect that there might be something wrong with the car. 

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And immediately after the driver gets down the car to check the source of the noise, the thieves get into the car and drive it away. This is done as there is a high possibility that a confused driver will get down the car leaving the engine started or at least leaving the keys inside the car. 

This trick has been proving super successful for car lifters and has become a serious lesson for car owners. So, it is advisable to always check your car’s wheel well before getting into the car, and if by any chance you hear any weird noises, do not leave the engine started or keys inside the car while you get down. Make sure you lock the car properly, and if required, immediately call the police for assistance.

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