PM Modi’s Performance On Babbu Maan’s ‘Bhangre Paun De’. Watch The Unseen Funny Video.

We all know the internet provides us with the ultimate dose of pastime. Every content is unique and well received by the viewers. But recently we came across something that made us laugh like never before.

Recently Kulwinder Edits made a video by mixing and editing various video clips of popular characters and viral content like clips of Khali, Dolly Bindra, PM Narendra Modi, soap advertisement and many other viral clips. These clips are mixed with one of the legendary artist Babbu Maan’s song ‘Bhangra Paun De’.

And trust us when we say, this flawlessly synchronized video will give you not one but numerous doses of laughter. We can bet the funniest of all will be Narendra Modi turning into Tabla Master. Don’t believe our words? Check out the video here:

Isn’t it amazing and hilarious? The video has definitely given you a roller coaster ride. This is one of the funniest things which came across us.

This content has been created by content creator Kulwinder Edits. He has done a commendable job in generating such entertaining videos. Kulwinder Edits Instagram profile is filled with such funny videos which will definitely blow your mind.

You can check his profile for more such content.
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