9 Pocket Friendly Gifts That You Can Gift To Your Someone Special

There’s no single day to pamper your loved ones. And as we all know Valentine’s week, birthdays, Anniversaries are a good excuse to spoil your special ones with cost-effective and useful products. But if you are already bored of gifting those monotonous gifts again and again! And struggling to find your special one something that makes the perfect gift? 

This time whether you are looking to present them something offbeat or gift that keeps on giving, consider offering something creative and thoughtful. So, we’ve rounded up this list of gifts that are unique and yes, still within your budget.

List Of Budget Friendly Gifts To Your Special Ones

Netflix Subscription – 149 Rs P/M

With new Netflix original Indian series, the craze for Netflix and chill has gone up the ladder. If your friend loves to spend his/her weekend binge-watching, here is the deal for him/her. With a subscription of 149 INR monthly, bundle them up with entertainment choices. And the best part is you can share this gift with yourself by adding another member to the Netflix account.

Source: HowToGeek

Zomato Pro – 900 Rs P/A

For your loved ones who love exploring new restaurants, Zomato Pro is an ideal gifting option. It serves your friends and family who love eating out or those who like ordering their food regularly from places near them. It is an ideal gifting option during any occasion. It is also pocket friendly and costs 900 INR for a year. 

Spotify Playlist – Free

Stressing over what to give your special ones this Valentine week? Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like a custom playlist. (It’s basically the new mixtape.) And after putting care, thought, and creativity into the tracks and podcasts on your homemade playlist, you may want to take an extra step to make it your own, perhaps with custom cover art, a name, and a description. And cherry one the cake is that it’s cost free. 

Gift A Plant – 500 Rs

Giving a gift that will stand the test of time is always a challenge, but giving plants is one way to try. Plants are the latest trend and for good reasons. It is such a thoughtful gift and you would be surely going to strike their mind every time they look at their new plant. And a plant along with a beautiful pot will cost you nearly 400 to 500 INR. 

Source: FlowerAura

Hand Made Cards – Free

Always give yourself a new line of action and see if there are options for you. You should be a bit creative and choose things that are good. Make something from home or gift a handmade card. You can write great messages, add your pictures together and other special things. Each page of a card contains your feelings about how special he/she is to you. It costs nothing, only your hard work.

Source: Youtube

Makeup Combo – 1000 Rs

All the boys, who are planning to give makeup products to their girlfriends or wife. You can make a makeup kit or combo under Rs 1000. Brands like Colorbar, Lakme, Nykaa have great lip shades, eyeshadow palette, Kajol, Liner under Rs 1000. It’s the best and cheapest you can get for your dear ones. 

Source: KindPNG

Mobile Recharges – 599 Rs for 3 Months

Mobile phones are a necessity for everyone. And as we all know mobile recharges are a must need thing. To get unlimited calls, messages or internet, you can recharge their phone. Also, you can send a Gift Voucher to another user through the add money section of your Paytm App. It will only cost 599 Rs and their phone will be recharged for three months. 

Video Montage – Free

There are some memories that are too important to be locked up in a photo album or lying unused in your phone’s camera roll. And one of the simplest ways to share your memories is with a video. If you’ve never put together a video of your memories before, it’s easier than you think. It will surely make your special ones more special. Moreover, it will not cost a single penny.

Home Cooked Meal – Free

From a heart shape roti to heart shape cake, cook anything for your partner, it’s absolutely free. When they say ‘Dil Ka Rasta Pait Se Jata Hai’, it would surely have an impact when you make a meal, cake or cookies by yourself.

Source: MensJournal

So, these are some unconventional and unusual gifts, which you can give not only on one special event but on any occasion. We bet your loved one will really be impressed by you. 

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