Poonam Pandey Gets Maximum No. Of Votes After Promising To Go Topless In ‘Lock Upp’

‘Lock Upp’ is emerging to be one of the top controversial reality shows airing right now, with some of the most controversial Indian celebrities in it. Every other day, a dirty fight sequence is becoming normal inside Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp. Now the show has again raised the bars of curiosity for the audience and this time it is Poonam Pandey. 

Popular Indian personality Poonam Pandey made a statement in 2011 that if India won the World Cup she would go topless in front of people. Now, she has again made the same statement but this time to save herself from the nomination. Poonam was in the chargesheet for the past week and she requested the public to save her, if she gets saved she would go topless in front of live cameras. 


When the final decision of the audience came on the weekend, Poonam got saved with the maximum number of votes, which made the co-contestant Payal Rohatgi go furious. Payal was in a shock as to why Poonam got so many votes and she, despite all her and her fiance Sangram Singh’s fanbase was at the verge of getting evicted. 

Poonam and Payal have been in ugly fights several times in the show where at one point the former even started abusing the latter one. During a random heated argument between the co-contestants, Payal went on to say, “Ya toh nangi hoti hai ya gandi gandi gaaliyan deti hai”, to Poonam, which again resulted in a harsh verbal dispute. 

However, after getting saved by the audience, Poonam refused to go topless and she told the audience that she would do whatever she does, outside the show as there are every age-group watching the show. Poonam Pandey is one of the most talked about contestants of the show right now. 

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